7LuX NFT Public Sale Is on Its Way!



7LuX NFT is a collection of 20,000 NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-721A) inspired by the cultures and traditions of 50 countries around the world. Aside from presenting our unique art concept, New LuXury, another purpose of ours is to build a global community known as 7LuX’s Entrepreneurial Hub.

The Reasons One Shouldn’t Miss 7LuX’s Public Sale

Inspirations of Diversity and Inclusion

All 7LuX NFTs have inspirations from 50 countries’ cultures and beautiful diversity because we believe that differences make the world go around. The community that we are building is going to be a space where everyone is welcome and will be treated with respect. 7LuX clearly supports equality and inclusion so we highly hope the project can be a part of making the world a better place.

7LuX Creators’ Digital Art Studio

New LuXury Concept

Of course, there are different perceptions of luxury in the past, but with the 7LuX NFT project, we are determined to define New LuXury that is more modern, creative, and utilitarian. The concept greatly represents the NFT masterpieces of three talented creators, J. Tomy, Angerry Chan, and Mathano. And as they humbly want to express their passion for art, they have combined their different skills and techniques into creating each NFT with delicate details and unique styles.

Entrepreneurial Hub

Alongside presenting the New LuXury and cherishing diversity, the most important goal of 7LuX NFT is to build a strong global community called 7LuX’s Entrepreneurial Hub for our holders, called LuXer. This community will be the place where LuXer can access to connect with others, share their perspectives, experiences, and knowledge about entrepreneurship, and learn from each other in order to enrich themselves and their businesses.

7LuX Entrepreneurial Hub

Community-Driven Benefits and Exclusive Utilities

According to our roadmap, the 7LuX’s Entrepreneurial Hub is simply one of the important exclusive utilities we offer as we have planned to provide our LuXer with different kinds of activities, campaigns, and events in both the digital and real-world to expand our global connections. as well as create new projects and foster new innovations.

The Next Chapter

Truly, we are excited for 7LuX NFT’s public launch and what is to come from July 7th, 2022 onward. We certainly are proud of ourselves and so grateful for every step we have taken to make the project’s history memorable and successful. And we’d sincerely like to thank all of you who always support and believe in our project.

Hope to see you guys in the 7LuX’s Entrepreneurial Hub!



Let’s come to build the Entrepreneurial Hub together.

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