Uncover the Wonders of the NFT Future: 7LuX

3 min readApr 4, 2022



What is 7LuX?

7LuX is a 20,000 NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721A) that represents 50 countries’ cultures along with the concept of New LuXury. We aim to build a global community for worldwide connections and we will have an exclusive Entrepreneurial Hub where LuXer (7LuX Holder) can come to connect, promote business, and share ideas or experiences.

With perfection in mind, the creators have digitally hand-drawn over 1,600 individual traits within the total of 10-trait categories, thus there is no possibility our LuX (7LuX NFT) will be duplicated. In making the 7LuX completely unique, our creators have used various techniques, and especially, LuX has been generated 150 times to create 400 LuX per country, including one of one edition LuX reserved for our early LuXer. To note, there is not an official rarity ranking of LuX because we want the values and meaning of each LuX to be based on individuals’ interpretations.

Release Information

7LuX NFT will be officially released on July 7, 2022, at 1:00 PM (UTC+0), on OpenSea at the set price of 1 ETH. Certainly, this journey will never be anything like the one you have imagined before as we intend to make it the most memorable experience and connection for all LuXer.

Activities & Benefits

By holding LuX, you will be granted with Legal Team for Securing LuXer’s Rights & Privileges, Exclusive Giveaways, Special Rewards, and LuXMerch (7LuX T-shirts, caps, mugs, tote bags, etc.). Plus, there will be a Top Weekly Ranking of the 50 Countries for you to join, receive exclusive prizes, and have your achievement honored and displayed on our website.

Collaborations & Partnerships

In addition, we have planned to collaborate with other NFT Collections and partner with local and national brands as we have the purpose to develop our project for delivering greater advantages to our LuXer and create more new projects.

Our Community

With meaningful connections, our team intends to build a strong community in both the digital and real world. Firstly, we have created a community of 7LuX on Discord in aiming to build the Entrepreneurial Hub for LuXer only. This can be the place where they come to make new connections, discuss entrepreneurship, and share ideas and experiences in order to learn about diverse knowledge and find out many possible solutions they can use to solve business-related problems.

Good things happen when diverse people come together to collaborate.

— Toivonen, What is the Social Innovation Community? 2016

As we highly value human interactions also, we would love to organize exhibitions of our LuX in different countries as an opportunity for LuXer to appreciate the arts and its journey from day one plus more events for everyone from our community to come and meet in the real world.

Find out more about our full version of the Roadmap.

Altogether, the 7LuX NFT project is perfectly about portraying aesthetics and thriving on the best prosperity for our LuXer.

Be ready! The 7LuX is Coming!




Let’s come to build the Entrepreneurial Hub together.