The Inspiration behind 7LuX NFT

3 min readJun 8, 2022


7LuX aims to build an Entrepreneurial Hub for LuXer to globally connect with each other while the inspiration behind every masterpiece is the cultural diversity of the 50 countries.

I wonder at times how we came to have
The diversity of cultures around us
So much beauty in the world to share
Learning from each other is a plus.

Charles Townsend

J. Tomy, Angerry Chan, and Mathano

TeamLuX has three creators, J. Tomy, Angerry Chan, and Mathano. Determinedly, we have done thorough research on the 50 countries’ stories and values before sketching each trait. Plus, they used many techniques, such as environmental concept art & design, general & landscape illustrations, painterly brushstrokes, and 3D illusion painting along with their creativity and imagination.

7LuX Creators’ Digital Art Studio

More than 1,600 traits in our collection are hand-drawn by the creators with the concept of New LuXury. This concept is the combination of two principles consisting of luxury perceptions and great-quality details our artists have put in. It portrays the significance of every line they drew, every form they made, the different colors they used, and the perfect compositions they arranged.

Here are the answers when our creators were asked about their favorite experiences in drawing LuX and working style, each interestingly shared the following:

J. Tomy [Creator/Concept Designer of 7LuX]

I like to pay attention to the contrast in art and I’m interested in the way colors affect people’s emotions. Usually, when I draw, I look for entirely different viewpoints of the theme that I want my art to represent. Even though I digitally draw illustrations on a screen nowadays, I still adopt the same techniques that I do when drawing on paper.

Angerry Chan [Creator/Illustrator]

Personally, red is my favorite color, which is why many traits I’ve illustrated are often in red. Red is the color of power, energy, and passion, and whenever I start working on an art piece, the color helps me get inspired and be more creative. Plus, my other passion is planting cactus, so if people really, greatly pay attention to the details on LuX’s traits, I’m sure they will find a bit of leaf and some flower patterns hidden there.

Mathano [Creator/Motion Designer]

For me, when I draw LuX, I mainly use painterly brushstrokes with other new techniques I’ve learned along the process. I’m confident that our concept, New LuXury, will be one of the game-changing movements in the art world as our team and I have put our all into this. I’m very excited about the upcoming launch of our project and I hope to share more about our 7LuX’s journey soon.

Stay updated! We have so much more to share about our 7LuX creators and the collection.

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