What is 7LuX Entrepreneurial Hub?

3 min readJun 21, 2022

As humans cannot live in isolation, it is our nature to seek connectedness from a community. This community can be where people with common interests come to exchange ideas, foster new connections, learn from one another, and work toward the same goals.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”

– Helen Keller

In building a strong community, it is one of the milestones we aim for our 7LuX project to accomplish. This has led us to the proud creation of 7LuX Entrepreneurial Hub, the hub for foresightful members.

7LuX Entrepreneurial Hub

7LuX Entrepreneurial Hub is a worldwide community where all LuXer (7LuX holders) can come to globally connect with each other, and share knowledge and experiences, especially about entrepreneurship while being granted community-driven benefits.

We want to make sure that LuXer feels at home as they start making connections and sharing their individual perspectives about certain topics, such as motivations, new innovations, important qualities of leadership, any strategy, issues, or tips they have learned throughout their experiences, etc. Plus, there will be different activities and events we are going to organize in order to make the community more collaborative and fantastic!

Note that LuXer’s ideas and opinions do matter! They can freely share with us their desire about which kind of topics or events they want to make happen!

Right at the spot, LuXer’s greatest journey begins!

LuXer Global Connections

In aiming to provide LuXer with the most unique experiences, we have combined:

  1. The Values of the Community (mentioned above)
  2. Diversity
  3. The Case Method concept.


As we believe that diversity makes us who we want to be, we cannot dismiss how important diversity is and how it presents in every part of our lives. Diversity and inclusion allow us to understand and perfectly accept ourselves. These two have inspired us to create the Entrepreneurial Hub that is open and liberal for LuXer, so they can express themselves, their diverse opinions, and perspectives.

All of these are significantly valuable elements that will help the community create something new, educate society, and beautifully move forward.

The Case Method Concept

According to the Case Method approach, people from different industries and backgrounds are encouraged to share opinions, considerations, and perspectives to find the best solutions to solving a problem and learn from each other. “The case method cultivates the capacity for critical analysis, judgment, decision-making, and action” (Nohria 2021).

We want our Entrepreneurial Hub to be the clash of creativity, knowledge, and essential resources for making greater changes, so we have taken these potential keys of the case method to shape our Entrepreneurial Hub that is open for collective learning and growth.

“Experience is a master teacher, even when it’s not our own.”

― Gina Greenlee

Certainly, the global community we are building is always looking forward to the future and seeking opportunities to grow.

To develop individuals’ decision making, businesses, and expand global relationships, let’s join the Entrepreneurial Hub!




Let’s come to build the Entrepreneurial Hub together.